Partner, by Z

It was the decade before last, for time moves fast
That a partner made an offer, ’twas the beginning of a roller coaster.

Though he mastered exacting retainers, the partner had no skill for meeting the deadlines printed on calendars;
He did not relish taking irate calls from survivors of tiny falls,
Nor did he deign to meet the spiritual twin of Boss Tweed,
A rotund fella, a relic from his fathers’ infinitely more successful era.

Thus soon his paychecks bounced, calamities that given my precarious state were most pronounced.
All leading to a Christmastime departure, amidst noises about his office and its pending foreclosure.
And so it was learned, that you can’t coast on your Daddy’s name to earn-

Well maybe you can,
But you gotta avoid being the second generation of Presidential men
Who vomit on dignitaries in Japan.

–Submitted by Z.